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Anish Philip John

January 30th, 2023

Client:  Minera Steel & Power Private Limited

Industry: Metal & Chemical Manufacturing 

Previous Platform: Mining, Steel and Power Generation 


Minera Steel & Power Private Limited reached out to CX100 to streamline their sales process, right from placing orders to tracking price. 

Overview :

Minera Steel & Power Private Limited has been a leader in the manufacturing of metals & chemicals for the last 15 years. Their offerings include products and services related to mining, steel, and power generation. Minera wanted to simplify the overall sales process, however, felt that SAP implementation would be lengthy and expensive and hence was looking for an open-source solution.


The issues that were hampering Minera’s sales –  

  • Managing order placement 
  • Tracking prices offered to the customers 
  • Easily publishing product rates to the agents for bulk orders


The range of design and development solutions that were offered –  

  • Sales Order Booking Platform – to simplify the order taking and tracking process 
  • Admin portal (Web interface) – to monitor and submit product rates to the agents 
  • Mobile App for agents (Android + iOS) – to place bulk order for their customers


  • Client satisfaction in terms of the designs offered which helped run day-to-day activities in a hassle-free way 
  • Decreased costs significantly by giving them a system that met their needs 
  • User-friendly mobile application and web platform reduced the training time 
  • Improved overall productivity 


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