Anish Philip John

January 30th, 2023

Client: Sony

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Previous Platform: None

Delivered Platform: SAP Commerce Cloud, Spartacus Headless Storefront


This project came about because Sony currently did not have a direct-to-consumer channel. To compete in the marketplace, they wanted to have a best-in-class solution that enabled their customers to both access the most up-to-date information about their products as well as the ability to purchase.

The client also purchased third-party integration points between BazaarVoice, NICE InContact, USPS, Cybersource, Synnex, Pimcore, Salesforce.


The pandemic that began in 2020 proved rather quickly that the lack of a direct to consumer channel greatly limited the level of success that Sony had hoped with solely depending on their standard retail channels. They chose SAP Commerce Cloud as the premiere solution to provide a customer experience that would immediately vault them to the top of the industry.


• SAP Commerce Cloud

• Spartacus – Next Generation Headless Storefront

• USPS – Address Verification

• BazaarVoice – Ratings and Reviews

• Cybersource – Payment Gateway • Synnex – 3PL

• Pimcore – Master Product Data

• Salesforce – CRM/Service


Once the new site went live, orders quickly started to flow in and greatly go above and beyond what they had predicted. They quickly ramped up additional post go-live plans to add even more value to the overall solution.

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