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At CX100, we pride ourselves on our people-first approach, which starts from within. We foster creativity and progress, ensuring that we attract experienced talent with a median 15 years in their respective fields. With dual headquarters in both North America and Asia, our diverse team is the best the world has to offer.

Everything Begins
With a Thought!

With over 5 years in operation, CX100 vouches
to solve your critical business problems and deliver
with a focus toward customer-first decisions
on-time and on-budget.

CX100 evolved from the simple question: How could we propose a solution that is the best fit for the consumer? In the past, it was preached that using a single vendor architecture is ideal. Today’s customer needs a technology-agnostic catalog of solutions to best fulfill their customer experience demands. In essence, using CX100’s best-fit placing method is freedom—the freedom to lead by touchpoints, consumer trends, and competitive landscape—not the narrow scope defined by one set of solutions.

We have one goal: Work with our customers, beginning with strategy, and lead them to create a customer journey that aligns with their needs and customer demands.

Let us be your guide.


Our team is a well-tenured group of thinkers, planners, and doers. With an average of 15 years in the customer experience space, we are passionate about your customers’ journey. We’re beyond excited about what CX100 brings to the market, and we look forward to sharing our vision with you!
Join us on your journey!

Valerie Patmore

Idea Maven
Chief Executive Officer

Tim Pearson

Golden Ticket aka GT
Partner, Commerce Strategy

Paul Kenrick

The Thunder from Down Under
Partner, Strategy - Sales, Service & Marketing

Yashwanth Kotakonda

The Conceptor
Partner, Global Delivery

Rajesh Kumar

Creative Geek
Partner, Experience Design

Tirupati Rao

The Strategist
CPQ & SPM Solutions Leader

Anish John

Swiss Army Knife
VP, Design Delivery

Chloe Kirby

People Champion
Director of Human Capital

Lauryn Wasicek

Get It Done Girl
Marketing Director

Saurabh Agrawal

Eagle Eye
Senior Director - SAP CX

Drew Higgins

Pretty Picture Maker
Associate Art Director

Rahul Upadhyay

The Chaser
Senior Sales Manager

Akshatha Shetty

Captain HR
Senior HR Manager

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