Sanjivanee Borse
Manager XE Design Services
The Design Wizard

Sanjivanee loves everything about the Design Thinking Process. She believes that design thinking can help solve major world issues if applied efficiently. Sanjivanee's approach towards solving customer experience concerns centers around the process. She has accomplished projects that deal with process reimagination to UI overhauls with the help of the design process. She has diverse experience that includes designing enterprise solutions, B2B Commerce, B2C applications & e-Commerce, and transitioning offline processes to online. Sanjivanee has had a chance to work for various industries such as Construction, Consumer Goods, Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Healthcare, Pharma, etc. She is proficient in designing UI that works well with technologies like SAP, Salesforce, Service Now, Angular, and React. When she is not scribbling on her think pad, she spends her time reading, binge-watching shows, making her furniture, and designing her spaces while aspiring to be a good plant parent.