Rekha Dahiya
Manager XE Design Services
The Digital Aesthete

Rekha describes herself as a designer, maker, and fitness enthusiast. She is passionate about designing elegant and engaging product experiences for humans. Being highly organized with a keen eye for aesthetics, Rekha feels proud for being the go-to person when it comes to transforming the look and feel of digital platforms, whether it’s a website interface or the often-ignored side table beside the couch. While her expertise is diverse, she has a unique aesthetic approach that blends minimalism with a distinct sense of play. Strategically, her work aims to elevate brand offerings by identifying what appeals to the audience and accordingly distilling the communication to its clearest and freshest visual form. With over 7 years of experience, Rekha has offered solutions across multiple domains beyond e-Commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, Ed-tech, and Sports while building enterprises as well as consumer products. Her approach towards design and leadership is people-centric, with empathy at its core, for both product makers and consumers. Rekha recharges herself with a hot cup of ginger tea and an engrossing thriller fiction. Of course, bad kerning does keep her up all night. Rekha’s first and short-lived stint in the professional world was as a content writer, which she hopes to take up more in future.