Aishwarya Ganugapenta
HR Executive
The People’s Rockstar

Aishwarya is one of our youngest and most enthusiastic employees who easily took up managerial responsibilities. She began her career with CX100 as an Intern and continued to excel within 100Holdings. With a master's degree in Human Resources Management & Marketing, she specializes in end-to-end employee life cycle management. Aishwarya is passionate about building effective & creative HR processes for phenomenal employee experience and wants to be a game changer in the world of human resources. She thrives on following a data-driven decision-making approach to help the company formulate new workplace initiatives and to identify trends. Aishwarya is from Goa, a state in India famous for its beautiful beaches, thrilling water sports, and delicious seafood. She enjoys reading Robin Sharma books, prefers spending time with family and loves to set goals pertaining to skill development & travel.