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Anish Philip John

February 1st, 2023

Client Name: Zaloni, Inc.

Industry: Enterprise, BIG Data Management

Client Brief

Zaloni is an award-winning data management company. Their DataOps software platform, Arena, streamlines data pipelines through an augmented catalog, automated governance, and self-service consumption to reduce IT costs, accelerate analytics, and standardize security.

Zaloni had a legacy big data management platform which made it very difficult for its users to effectively manage data, and draw smart insights out of it. The client wanted to take this application to a SaaS model. Zaloni’s legacy system needed a complete overhaul before they could market it as a truly Saas platform. The overall design was not suited for SaaS launch.


We setup a Remote UX Team operating from offshore ( Bangalore) consisting of a Scrum Master and a Senior UX Designer.

  • Project started with running discovery workshop with key stakeholders to define the vision for the experience.
  • Empathy map for different personas were created with the definition of Jobs to be done.
  • Conducted competitor benchmarking with the popular apps in the similar space. Additionally we also looked at apps that the target audience generally used and were comfortable with.
  • Together, with the development team, the requirements were broken down into sprints.
  • We helped conceptualize the key journeys for SaaS workflows and craft intuitive user experience.


  • Zaloni has now launched their platform as a SaaS product allowing for wider reach and increased revenues.
  • The client was particularly pleased with the ease with which the teams worked well together although not co-located.
  • Zaloni was delighted with the results, as it gave a completely different flavor to data management applications. It met all the business requirements and user requirements.


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