A New Way to Improve Customer Experiences: Introducing Design on Demand

Maggie Piazza

April 20th, 2023

A New Way to Improve Customer Service

Half a decade ago, building marketing campaigns and great customer experiences was the sole responsibility of either the in-house design team or a dedicated agency. Today, the drastic change in the content landscape has given rise to Design on Demand services, and the demand is still skyrocketing.  

According to a 10FoldCommunications survey, 51% of companies outsource more than half of their content creation to third parties. This seismic shift has been driven by the need to create effective & visually appealing designs on a budget quickly in order to stand out from an ever-growing swarm of competitors. 


Traditional Design Solutions vs. Design on Demand 

Before Design on Demand became the go-to creative solution, medium to large organizations worked and continue to work with an internal team of designers, writers, and strategists that produced content that aligned with the business positioning and vision. This approach, while quick, turns out to be too expensive as it involves getting resources on payroll. Additionally, a company’s capabilities can often be limited by their talent’s skills. And, in most cases, there isn’t much work to go around with the team.  

The alternative is to onboard a third-party design agency, fully equipped with a range of services from branding, web design, advertising campaigns, and user experience design. While this arrangement does shield companies from underutilization of resources and empowers them to put out dazzling & efficient content, the turn-around time could be improved. 

What if there was a service that combined the benefits of agencies and in-house teams without any of the drawbacks? And with that emerged Design on Demand. 


What is Design on Demand? 

Design on Demand is an approach where businesses can opt for design services over a period of time for a fixed* number of hours a month.  

Companies work with talented teams of UX/UI designers, researchers, strategists, writers, developers, front-end and back-end developers.  

Based on the project, DoD providers build a team around your needs and existing resources, making sure you only pay for the skills you choose. Companies can analyze their scope and select the number of hours they would like to work with their augmented team. To combat the hassle of feedback & back-and-forth communication, DoD companies provide a dedicated manager to root out problems before they happen. As a result of this, companies can craft carefully designed products/services and profitable marketing campaigns in a flash, allowing them to join the ranks of nearly 30% of companies that created 3 to 5 times more content over the last year. 

One thing that customers love about our Design on Demand services is how easy it is to acquire services. Just like a Netflix subscription, they can choose how much they would like to pay for world-class talent that brings innovative ideas to life: 

Road Trip 

For budding businesses beginning their journey of building an online presence. 


 For stable small to medium organizations looking to drive their daily design operations.


 For fast-moving companies with multiple verticals, overhauling their customer experience. 

60 Hours per month  80 Hours per month  100 Hours per month 
60 Bankable Hours  60 Bankable Hours  60 Bankable Hours 
    Exclusive POC 

* If companies are unable to utilize all the hours per month, they are banked & rolled over for the next month; which is great if the demand for marketing & design increases & decreases throughout the course of the year. 

DoD services are usually varied so that businesses can build content ranging from:


  • Presentations 
  • Marketing Collaterals 
  • Marketing Landing Pages/Websites 
  • Branding Assets & Stationary 
  • Social Media Posts 
  • Animations & Videos  
  • Illustrations 
  • UI/UX for Websites/Apps 


As businesses become increasingly competitive and fast-paced, design-based requirements are likely to continue to grow in popularity. Design on-demand services can provide organizations with cost-effective, flexible, and high-quality design services, which frees up time for them to focus on what matters most – groundbreaking ideas! 

Want to explore how Design on Demand can bring value to your business? Get in touch with us, and we can discuss your project over a cup of coffee! 






Written by:

Ankit Kaul & Tanvi Desai

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