CX100 Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

Valerie Patmore

March 23rd, 2023

From day one with CX100, there has been a spark in the air, a feeling of positivity and optimism. A recognition from all involved that we are, in fact, special. This is evident in our people, our culture, the progress we have made with customers and at this time, our first anniversary, it’s important to acknowledge that.

Time flies when you’re having fun

I would also add that time certainly flies when

-you’re working hard

-when you’re rolling up your sleeves and working towards your dreams

-when you’re building something valuable

-when you are part of something special

When you are busy, ‘heads down’ some call it, we are so focused on growth that we neglect to look back and to see how far we’ve come. I want to take a quick look back to share some things that we’ve accomplished in this past year.

The teams at CX100 have brought in more than 15 new customers and customer logos. When we started, I would have been thrilled with 10! To say that my expectations have been exceeded would be an understatement!

We have grown our team to over 120 FTE. With our edict to operate at a 90% FTE 10% Contractor level, I would say things are going well. Our goal is to triple that number by this time next year. In other words, the hard work has just begun!

From an operational perspective, we have a fully staffed and productive Marketing Team, HR Team, Recruiting and Finance Teams. To support those teams, Leadership, Delivery and Sales we have implemented Zoho One as our system of record. Currently and consistently, we are 98% utilization for Zoho and we are rapidly experiencing the positive effects of visibility and accountability in our organization.

From our awesome delivery organization, I’d like to highlight that we have delivered the first project of its kind, globally, with a CPQ and Commerce solution for one of the largest global manufacturing companies in North America. This has opened new doors, with new customers, as this was a very complex undertaking, and our customer is happy.

We are also working with an $8B food manufacturer to strategize their next steps in their Customer Journey. This includes overarching control over the architecture and systems design to ultimately aid in the roll out of these solutions.

We recently unseated one of the most successful CX competitors in our space in North America, at a Dallas based company. There we went from an assessment to billing substantially month over month and we went from intro to FTE teams on the ground in less than 4 weeks. Things are going well and we are poised, by their leadership, to take over all CX outsourced projects and work in the coming months.

We are supporting and delivering in the SPM and Commissions space at a breakneck rate and will be highlighting these skills aggressively in north America with the addition of leadership onshore focused specifically in this area.

A true ‘full stack end-to-end’ Customer Experience team, like ours, is rare in the ecosystem and we are making our mark! We have done an amazing job building our brand and taking it to the market. I am consistently being complimented on the job we are doing sharing who and what we are. This is important and POWERFUL!

It’s evident, we have created incredible buzz and now we need to follow through with ‘what’s next?’.

So…….what’s next?

First and foremost, expanding our footprint. We have traditionally bled SAP Blue. And though we remain an SAP partner, we are taking our commitment to being agnostic and led by strategy and we have aligned with those solutions that we feel are Best of their Breed in the market. That includes, Adobe, Salesforce, ServiceNow, CommerceTools, Fabric, Big Commerce, Algolia and others. We have active partnerships and, in some cases, have already completed the certifications process. This is an imperative move for us to support our business model and it is what is best for our customers.

Besides being agnostic and strategy led, the expansion of our technology footprint to include new partners and platforms, is great for our team. Each of our team members has a plan to upskill and cross-skill. Upskill in their current competency/technology and cross skill into another complimentary solution. This is major. With this plan, we are not only increasing the value in the market of our organization, but we are also increasing the value of our team. With expanding portfolios to include SAP PLUS others, the marketability of the individual employee increases exponentially. This makes working for CX100 a great way to grow.

With the increased skill sets in the BOB platforms, we are uniquely qualified to bring offerings to the market that are not only differentiators but are ways to create additional revenue channels for CX100. For example, we will be bringing to market Subscription Design Services as well as the expansion of the traditional Agency model of white labeling partner solutions and wrapping our services around them to create and sell CX100 branded marketing solutions and support. This is incredibly exciting.

A year ago, I coined the phrase ‘dream team’ because we were putting together the ‘team of MY dreams’. That could not have been more accurate. The team is one I am proud of and excited to work with each and every day.

I celebrate my team today. Their hard work and diligence. Their positivity and excitement. Their commitment to building something remarkable.

Happy Birthday CX100!


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